Jazza’s Signature Photoshop Brushes


*For Photoshop CS5 and up (including CC) – .TPL format

This set of Custom Photoshop Brush Presets are my personal collection, created by and for me for professional work, tutorial content, speedpaintings and more. I’ve crafted them to be comfortable, stylistic, and really fun to use! They are particularly suited to cartoon and comic book style illustration.

Jazza’s Signature Custom Photoshop Brushes include:

Construction Pencil
Ink Brush
Paint Brush
Brush Blender
Brush Details
Brush Large
Brushpen Large
Brushpen Medium
Brushpen Small
Fineliner 0.1
Fineliner 0.2
Fineliner 0.3
Fineliner 0.5
Fineliner 1.0
Fineliner 2.0
Fineliner 5.0
Drawing Pencil
Shading Dark
Shading Light
And a Hair and Fur Texture Brush

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Built by Jazza Studios and Lochie Axon