The Ultimate Creativity Collection

The Ultimate Creativity Collection!

This webpage was made to help you find all of the video I’ve made using materials from the Ultimate Creativity Collection boxes! Some videos will be made from entirely contents from the boxes, other may be the videos where I first discovered various mediums included, which might help you see things I learned, or simply enjoy the discover process with me! I hope you find these fun and helpful as you explore your creativity and the contents of you box! Thank you for supporting my work – I hope you have a blast!

(Please note, I’ll be making more content in early 2021! So stay tuned and check back in for more helpful content!)

Regards, Jazza 🙂

This video was made using all of the boxes!

The Incredible Inky Box:

In this video, I play around the the Rainbow alcohol ink, as well as some of the colors!
This was my first dive into calligraphy – hopefully my journey helps!
Here I mix my inks with resin to show some cool pour projects you can do!
This video is a return to calligraphy for me, and I spend a lot of time mucking around with new fonts and styles, it was really fun!

The Super Sculpture Box:

This video will be a helpful guide to using Monster Clay and building a bust and armature!
My first time using CosClay – I fell in love
My first time using Polymer Clay – I fell in love here too!
One of my more ambitious polymer clay projects

The Mega Minis Box:

A great guide to building a diorama with the contents of the box
One of my personal mini painting projects
Resources and artists I LOVE!

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