What programs/software do you use?

I use Adobe Flash for my animations, which is good in that it can be used to create interactive mediums like games/apps as well as animations. ToonBoom is an animation specific program that is quite popular, and though I have not used it very much I plan to do more work with it in the future.  I use Adobe Photoshop for my Digital Paintings and image editing, though there are popular cheap or free alternatives with less complicated features which are great to learn on. Adobe programs often have the option to try them out for 30 days without paying, so that’s worth checking out on their website, Adobe.com.

What can you tell me about digital tablets?

I use a Wacom 24 HD which is a high end LCD tablet for professional use. For beginners and people on a budget I recommend either a Wacom Bamboo, Intuos or Intuos Pro, which are very good and fairly cheap, especially if you get it second hand from ebay or something. If you’re interested in learning a little more about tablets, I made a video talking through it a bit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pqmDjGQmJA

Will you do freelance work for me?

Occasionally I can do commission work for a fair fee, you can see my services with a nifty little cost estimate tool at this link: http://jazzastudios.com/freelance/ – I hope that’s of some help, though please do keep in mind that my availability is limited at times. I book the jobs I do well in advance and the scope of the freelance work I commit to also effects the time at which I can work on it.

How do I convert my flash animation to a video?

To convert my .swf files to a video format I use a program called Swivel. It’s free (made by newgrounds) and is insanely good! You can get it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/swivel – it even upscales the projects you do, so for example, if I make my flash project in a 16:9 ratio at 800×450, I can use Swivel to convert it to full HD in 1080p.

How do I view your eBook on my mobile device or tablet?

Unfortunately I’ve not yet been able to get the download to work easily on some mobile devices (particularly Apple). The way to do it at the moment is to download the product on a computer and extract the PDF book, then upload it to your iPad or mobile device manually and into an app that reads the format (of which there are many, including an official one by adobe).

Will you give me private art lessons or tuition?

I would love to have time to do private lessons but unfortunately with running the studio and the channel I am unable to accept private students. I hope my tutorials and ebooks are of some help and that you continue to grow as an artist.

Will you look at or review my art?

I would love to have time to review artists individual work but unfortunately with running the studio and the channel I am unable to do so.

How can I be an artist?

Becoming a professional artist is not an easy road. There is no one way or sure fire path to success but one thing that you must adhere to is hard work. People who treat it like a profession even when they aren’t being paid and try consistently, taking every opportunity to improve their skills, have the best chance of success. Remember it takes doctors and lawyers 6-8 years of daily study and it’s the same with art. Keep practicing and put yourself out there in the art community!

What tablet can I use on a budget?

A good substitute if you are unable to get a tablet is, for example, a second hand Wacom Bamboo which you can get from ebay for about $50 or less.

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