Social Media Competition Terms & Conditions

Social Media Competition Terms & Conditions

Entry to Jazza’s Social Media Competitions are purely voluntary. Participants agree that they will not seek remuneration of any kind for their submission’s inclusion or use on the ‘Jazza’ YouTube Channel.

Jazza Studios or the company that provides the prizes will cover the initial postage cost of prizes being sent out, but will not be responsible to pay for any duties or import tax that may result based on the recipients region. Prizes may have a processing delay of around 4 months. After this time winners are asked to email Jazza Studios to follow up on the prize status. Jazza Studios takes no responsibility for prizes lost or damaged in transit and is unable to replace them. If a winner does not contact Jazza Studios to claim their prize within 3 months after the initial winners announcement, the entrant loses their claim to the prize and the prize will revert to a subsequent competition. Participants may not win the same prize or a prize of lower value twice in one year, however a formally prize winning participant may continue to enter the challenge of the month, and may be eligible for a prize of a higher value if they are deemed as the winner. If Jazza chooses to award a participant a winning place in the same category after a year has passed to the same participant (if they are judged as being the worthy recipient), Jazza reserves the right to withhold the prize itself if he wishes to pass it on to the next in line in the prize recipient hierarchy. Jazza may if we wishes, provide an alternative prize of equal or lesser value, but this is up to his own discretion.

All fan depicted images must be credited to the original owners of the IP and holders of copyright or trademark. Any questionable or illegal entries are solely the fault of the creator/entrant. Participants to the challenge of the month acknowledge that if their work breaches copyright of the Intellectual Property of any other party and that party pursues legal action, the participant in question is solely liable for the content in question and all legal ramifications as a result of their participation.

When submitting an artwork to Jazza’s Social Media Competitions by following the competition specifications and entry guidelines, participants acknowledge that they have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

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