March 2018 Challenge of the Month


NOTE: This competition is the first ever in which I’m allowing VR entries! If you want to enter a VR artwork,
please follow instructions at the bottom of this post!


March 26th 2018


Create a scene depicting your ‘virtual avatar’ if you could design one for yourself as anything you want, in a virtual world of your own imagining bursting to life with everything you would want your own virtual world to be filled with, and capable of!

Submissions will be judged on the following:

1 – Technical execution and quality of the art

2 – Creativity and originality of the piece

3 – Ambition of the artwork



Upload your finished artwork to the Art Portal

TAG your artwork with the word MYOASIS’
(That’s it! Scouted or unscouted, I will find your entry,
as long as you tag it
with the exact word above)

TAG your artwork with the word ‘B-MYOASIS’

OPTIONAL: Share your entry on social media using the Hashtag #MYOASIS

This is a worldwide competition – join the Arty Party, wherever you are, and whatever age you may be!


– You may submit a maximum of 1 entry
– You may NOT enter both categories (open/beginner)
– Include a link in the description of your final submission, which leads to the original classical painting your piece is based on
– You MUST include a link in the description of your final submission leading to a ‘mid-development’ source (image or video) showing the entry is your original creation, but DO NOT tag more than one piece of art on newgrounds (only tag your final entry, not any work in progress entry) or you WILL be disqualified
– No pornographic material of any kind, violence must be PG13 and not too gruesome
– Your piece MUST be tagged correctly and be submitted by the deadline
– You may not submit a piece using stolen artwork or imagery


Open Category 1st PRIZE:
– The Huion GT-156HD V2 Digital Display Drawing Tablet!
– 1 Year premium membership
– An item of your choice from the Shop
– A front page feature on
– 1 Year Supporter Status on

Open Category Runner-Up:
– A signed copy of the art book ’21 Draw – The Illustrator’s Guidebook’
– 6 Months premium membership
– A Stillman & Birn Epsilon 9×12 Sketchbook
– An item of your choice from the Shop
– Eligible for being voted on for the Community Prize

Open Category Finalists:
My Anatomy Bundle
– Eligible for being voted on for the Community Prize

Community Prize:
– A Huion Inspiroy G10T Digital Drawing Tablet!

Beginner Category 1st PRIZE:
– The Huion H950P Digital Drawing Tablet
– 6 Months premium membership
– A signed Copy of my new book, Draw with Jazza Creating Characters
– A Stillman & Birn Epsilon 5.5×8.5 Sketchbook
– An item of your choice from the Shop
– 1 Year Supporter Status on

Beginner Category Runner-Up:
– An item of your choice from the Shop

When submitting an artwork to the challenge of the month by following the competition specifications and entry guidelines, participants acknowledge that they have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.


Your entry, depicting the same theme as the main competition (your avatar in a VR world), must be viewed by me in one of TWO formats: Google Tilt Brush, or Oculus Quill. To submit your piece, do the following:

  • Export your piece in a format that can be uploaded to, and upload it
  • TAG you piece with MYOASIS
  • Link, in the description of your entry, a download/link to for full TiltBrush/Quill file
  • (Optional) you may include links to a video of you making your piece, so I can link to your socials if I see fit

PLEASE NOTE: Your VR entry will NOT be judged on how it displays in Sketchfab, rather on my impressions of it when I view it IN VR in my headsit, in the native art program you used.

That’s it! Submit by the same deadline of course (26th), and make sure you make something special, as your entry may be shown off in a Mixed Reality video on my YouTube channel, exploring your Oasis worlds! The winner of the VR category will get $30 Steam Credit as a token of appreciation, though prizes listed above in the main art competition are not available to VR entries.


Most entries will be showcased in the announcement video as thanks for your participation. Please do not send me emails or PM’s linking to your entry, I WILL FIND IT if you tag as instructed and upload by the deadline!

Built by Jazza Studios and Lochie Axon