Larry episode 1

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  • the Larry Series
    Larry is a height-challenged short-tempered accidental hero! Join him and his friends in Karryon as he ventures to rid the land of evil!
  • Recent Movies
    Here you'll find a collection of my one-off projects, stories that only needed to be told in one movie, but each a different flavor!
  • the Paladin Series
    Paladin is an epic animated saga following the hero Auron and his quest to rid the plagued world of the evil of the necromancer Radiel.
  • Old and Crap
    Everyone has their beginnings, where they look back years later, and are completely ashamed and throw it out. But hey! I might as well put mine on display!
  • FAQâ
  • Larry episode 2
    We are now introduced to several new and important characters, and reunite with some recognizable ones too!

    Thanks go to:
    Zach Striefel - Sound Effects
    David Orr - Music
    Shad Brooks - Writing Assistance
    Tom Fulp - Awesome Support

    A heck of a lot of hard work, thought and sweat went into this so my only sincere hope is that you watch and enjoy! thanks!

  • Larry episode 1.5
    Larry's story continues... In episode 2.
    so for now we follow the journey of two lost french gentlemen!
  • Larry episode 1
    The people of Karryon meet their chosen one. Too bad he's tiny!

    This is the first installment of the new LARRY series, following Larry Mittenhands and his quirky, messed up adventures in the Land of Karryon.
  • Weakheart
    Made by Jazza and Zeedox for the September 2012 NG Movie Jam!

    The theme being 'Too scared to _____' in which we were to 'fill in the blank'. We chose 'fight' for ours.
  • Cooking with Gandalf
    Produced by Elvidian Entertainment
    Animation - Josiah Brooks (Jazza)
    Voices - Piotr Michael
    Backgrounds - Greg Bartlett (Zeedox)
    Script - Adam Ipsen
    Sound - Zstriefel
  • Comet
    From Zeedox:

    "Directed by/background art: Greg Bartlett (ZEEDOX)
    Character Animator: Josiah Brooks (JAZZA)

    "Chasing Comets in my Garage" song by REASONER

    I started a year and a half ago on Comet when Reasoner was looking for a music video to be created for a song from his album. Being a huge fan of his work, I was excited to help out. It ended up more ambitious than I imagined and eventualy I teamed up with Jazza. I'm hugely thankful to him for making this project possible at the quality I was aiming for.

    Merry Christmas!"
  • the Internet Pals
    When all the facebook vs. Google+ stuff started, and people kept bitching about useless redesign features, I kept imagining the major social hub sites as characters and their personalities formed in my head really easily. I mean, when you think about it, they all have distinct 'personalities'. Anyhow, here's the result of my dicking around.
  • the Composer
    A story following a boys journey through life, using the power of music to heal wounds, and inspire the lives of those around him.
  • A Newgrounds Christmas
    A Christmas animation I made specifically for lovers of and it's vast array of iconic characters.
  • a Pico Day Message
    somebody give this guy a hug, he needs it...
  • the Pico Day Anthem
    In a glorious Ode to Randomness, Pico celebrates his special day with all of his special friends! You included!!

    This was my entry into the Pico Day Competition. It came in second place.
  • Another Random Battle
    At first you may think this is just an ordinary stick fight filled with sweet juicy action and blood... But no. This is so much more. More, because behind every stick is a purpose and a reason for being, which you will soon see is the case with this particular movie...
  • Story of a Loser
    A serious short animation with a message. If you watch this and can relate in some way to it, know that millions like you are in similar situations. Everyone has their own story. Everyone deserves respect.
  • Paladin: Episode 5 (Part 2)
    The real battle begins. The raw powers of good and evil clash in the greatest of their forms.

    This is the battle you have all been waiting for...
  • Paladin: Episode 5 (Part 1)
    Auron finally meets his most powerful enemy.
    What will become of the hero? Will he finally destroy the evil that has possessed the lands these many years?...
  • Paladin: Episode 4
    The hero continues his journey, but is met on his way by a few surprises...
  • Paladin: Episode 3
    Auron fights the undead Giant. He learns more of his destiny; to rid the world of the present evil force, and he is granted with the title of 'PALADIN'...
  • Paladin: Episode 2
    Auron begins to unleash his power, learning of his strength. He soon faces what is to be one of his strongest foes...
  • Paladin: Episode 1
    The adventure begins, as when the world is taken over by an evil necromancer, a priest raises a young boy who would soon learn of his destiny...
  • Korosu the Black Samurai
    Generic Ninja/Samurai movie I made a while back. This was my first ever animation that got the front page position on Sparked a big passion on me to achieve more, even though this animation has no point!
  • Target Practice: W.W.W
    A few years back now, Jeff Weise animated a toon about a dude shooting loads of people then himself. He ended up doing it soon after for real. I made this parody of his animation, because 1) He gave a bad name to flash animators and 2) killing in any form is wrong.
  • the Roomies
    My first attempt in crating a stop-motion animation with clay men. It was great fun, I may one day do it again, but so far my passion remains with good old' fashioned 2D!
  • Just Another FIght
    Two little guys talk about how JAZZA is under pressure to make his animations original and funny. They try to help out!
  • Spree
    OK, know first that when I made this I was going through a violence addiction phase. Well, not to an extreme extent, but to the extent that I would make an animation about a 12 year old murdering his mother...
  • Legion (Unfinished)
    Believe it or not, This animation was around four minutes long and pretty cool. Damn viruses corrupted the file and the only backup I had contained everything up until the part that you see in this animation. I didn't want to let that work go to nothing
  • Mini Stix
    A goofy little fight between two stick figures. Pretty original concept aye!

    That was a lie... Not original at all...
  • Shadow Ninja 1
    Random stick weapon fights with over the top blood. Will this genre ever get boring? Me thinks NOT.
  • Shadow Ninja 2
    I'd type something interesting here but... It's turn out the same as the comment for Shadow Ninja 1...
  • Matrix Training Simulator
    I made this animation because I wanted to attempt merging a completely 3D environment that was constantly moving, with fighting and characters moving around that environment. This is the result.
  • Special Effects Tutorial
    My first tutorial made. This was on making 'realistic' violence with stick figures. Was good when I made it, who knows, you might just find it useful.
  • Dragon Ball Z fight
    Another one of those all to common stick figure dragon ball Z animations. Although I didn't realize it when I made this, it is fairly slow paced and kinda boring, lol!
  • Xiao Xiao Fight
    A short stick fight that was made due to the inspiration of the Xiao Xiao toons. An additions to the thousands of other xiao xiao inspired toons out there!
  • the Monster
    The creation of an evil genius turns on his master? Wow, I've never heard of anything like that happening before!
  • Choose the Death
    Pick how he dies. Inspired by the thousands of other 'pick how he dies' games!
  • Fight Scene 1
    A stick animation messing around with whatever I could think of.
  • Fight Scene 2
    Short stick battle between a lot of sticks, with an interesting ending to say the least.
  • Flying Dragon
    Ninja based stick toon. Funny thing is there is NOTHING whatsoever in this entire animation that point to why it was named 'flying dragon'. Probably because It was the only Japanese set of words I knew how to write in Japanese.
  • Genesis
    Quite an epic title for a crappy little animation that ends in one of them being poked in the bum... Oh well!
  • Mortal Combat
    A re-make of a Microsoft power point animation that started me on my animation 'career'.
  • Hit with Bat
    Well... All I can think to say about this one, is that it both promises... And delivers...
  • StreetFighter
    My second ever attempt at making a flash game (if you count 'hit with bat' as the first one)
  • the Cage FIght
    another one of those fights where the dude who lost never had a chance in the first place... Also, i don't know why i named it 'the Cage Fight' when clearly, there is no cage.
  • the Dance

    its got 2 layers, and... well that's the most amazing thing about the animation pretty much.
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Larry episode 1

The people of Karryon meet their chosen one. Too bad he's tiny!

This is the first installment of the new LARRY series, following Larry Mittenhands and his quirky, messed up adventures in the Land of Karryon.