• Larry and Friends
    Larry and his more direct dysfunctional relationships can be found here, including his family, his bossy trainer, and his 3 legged alcoholic dog.
  • S.C.H.M.E
    Presenting, the Sadistic Causers of Havoc, Mayhem, and Eeeevil! These dudes are bad to the bone. If evil was defined in a visual form in a flash series, this is it's manifestation!
  • Supporting Roles
    While not necessarily part of Larry's journey in the series, these characters are an important part of the wacky fabric that makes Karryon the special place it is.
  • the 'Other Guys'
    There's not much that can be said about these fold other then the fact that they're usually rather undefinable, weather that be through genuine mystery, or utter lunacy.
  • Larry Mittenhands
    Age: 19

    Personality: Easily agitated, strong willed and emotional, but the little punks still has a soft spot deep down. He loves the opportunity for a good fight, but is a VERY sore loser. He hates being mistaken for a little boy, and dislikes being called short.

    Background: Larry is the midget son of a widow, born disproportionate due to his mothers alcohol abuse in her pregnancy, after the boy's father Steve was killed. Violently. Larry lives with his mother Peggy, step father Clive, younger brother Phoenix, and baby sister Ga.

    Other: VOICED BY: Josiah brooks (JAZZA)
  • Kikket the Wizard
    Age: 70

    Personality: Kikket is a stubborn and tough old geezer. He'll never back down from a challenge, and as a teacher is one of the most tough mentors around.

    Background: Little is yet known of the wizards past. it is shrouded in mystery... and DOOM

    Other: voiced by: Josiah Brooks (JAZZA)
  • Peggy Dimp
    Age: 38

    Personality: Always unrealistically optimistic to the point of it being quite creepy. Almost inhuman really. Peggy is always cleaning, cooking, giving advice in the form of cheesy metaphors or singing. or ALL of the above.

    Background: Married young to Steve Mittenhands, got pregnant, Steve died, so Peggy turned to alcohol. After giving birth to Larry, she remarried and overcame the addiction.

    Other: Bi-Polar?
  • Clive Dimp
    Age: 42

    Personality: Never enthusiastic about anything, and always a true pessimist. Very rarely seen standing from his little seat, and when he sleeps (which is most of the time) next to nothing can wake him.

    Background: Never in his life had a real job or relationship. He met Peggy (who was drunk on the street with a baby) and took her ale from her. She took it as a life altering experience and a sign, and married him. He just wanted her ale.

    Other: Voiced by: Josiah Brooks (JAZZA)
  • Phoenix Dimp
    Age: 16

    Personality: Emo, whiny, pessimistic, and always negative.

    Background: Phoenix is the offspring of Peggy and Clive, and has always been spoiled. Doesn't have the best relationship with his older step brother Larry.

    Other: Voiced by: Josiah Brooks (JAZZA)
  • Ga Dimp
    Age: 1

    Personality: Oblivious to everything unless it's shiny or can be sucked on.

    Background: Offspring of Peggy and Clive Dimp.

    Other: Ga!
  • the King of Karryon
    Age: 73

    Personality: Self obsessed and gullible. He doesn't so much care about the affairs within Karryon, as he cares about looking good and being loved. He does tend to get quite bored in the castle, and spends much of his time talking to his beloved teddy Sir. Kensin

    Background: Most of the King's history is of general knowledge to the people of Karryon. Raised by his father, King Oldman, and growing up being pampered constantly. What is NOT general knowledge is the fact the King Herbert had a twin brother at birth.

    Other: Voiced by: Josiah Brooks (JAZZA)
  • the Overlord
    Age: unknown

    Personality: EVIL! The overlord takes great pride in being the most evil man in the land. As the right hand man to the Gullible King of Karryon, the Overlord pretty much has power to what he wants, and takes pride in being in complete control.

    Background: Nothing is known of his past. All we know is that since becoming the adviser to the King, he has demanded that everyone call him the Overlord. He has also never been seen removed from his throne.

    Other: Did I mention he's evil? Coz he is...
  • Gneezer
    Age: 38

    Personality: Submissive to the overlord, scared of power. A total suck-up.

    Background: Not much is known of his past.

    Other: He's a ginger.
  • Malignus the Mage
    Age: 70

    Personality: The first member and co-founder of S.C.H.M.E, Malignus is a cesspool of unfiltered evil, possessing magical gifts and the cunning of a very... um... evil person.

    Background: Malignus trained in Sorcerer school with Kikket the wizard, which partially explains some unexplained malice Malignus seems to hold towards Kikket.

    Other: For dramatic effect, Malignus likes to tip his head on entrances and exits so the skull he wears looks like his head, because it's evil and cool. Unfortunately it impairs his vision.
  • McSweeny the Alesman
    Age: 38

    Personality: Always a cheery fellow, unless Doug the town drunk is nearby.

    Background: Raised by Maddy and Paddy, McSweeny moved to Karryon as a young man in the hopes to establish himself in a new land, as a renowned seller of fine ales and his own home made brews.

    Other: Voiced by: Josiah Brooks (JAZZA)
  • Doug the Town Drunk
    Age: 33

    Personality: One can hardly examine any form of personality when it is as shrouded by alcohol as it is in the case of Doug.

    Background: Doug's past is full of plenty of underage drinking and substance abuse.

    Other: Voiced by: Josiah Brooks (JAZZA)
  • Lamour, the Norman
    Age: 26

    Personality: Optimistic, looks for the good in people. Opportunistic.

    Background: sent from his father to adventure with his younger brother Ruomal. After journeying in Karryon they soon were ready to go home. Problem is, the didn't know how to get back! so now... they're kind of stuck.

    Other: Voiced by: Josiah Brooks (JAZZA)
  • Ruomal, the Norman
    Age: 26

    Personality: Easily agitated, pessimistic and gives up easily. Isn't afraid to pick a fight.

    Background: Traveled with his older brother Lamour, to Karryon, and became lost with him.

    Other: Voiced by: Josiah Brooks (JAZZA)
  • Father Jiggadiah
    Age: 32

    Personality: Always friendly, loves teaching, and loves sharing. especially candy. He can get very competitive when it comes to his congregation though.

    Background: Jiggadiah has been involved in the 'Church of the Gods' ever since he was a cute little boy.

    Other: Voiced by: Josiah Brooks (JAZZA)
  • Pipsley the Altar Boy
    Age: 9

    Personality: very obedient, and socially awkward.

    Background: Put into the seminary by his parents to 'set him straight'.

    Other: Voiced by: Josiah Brooks (JAZZA)
  • Krag Brannon
    Age: 21

    Personality: Krag is a total stoner, and devout religious activist, helping people on their journey back to 'the Father'.

    Background: Not too much is known about how he became so... enlightened... but we can probably bet he was well acquainted with Doug at one point in his history...

    Other: Voiced by: Josiah Brooks (JAZZA)
  • Whitwick the Storyteller
    Age: 50

    Personality: A very wacky gentleman, perhaps because he spends all day inside reading and telling his stories to anyone who will listen.

    Background: Born in Karryon, Whitwick has in his life traveled all around the kingdoms surrounding karryon, and knows his own city like the back of his hand, including the story of almost everyone in it!

    Other: Voiced by the wonderful Geoff Edwards (
  • the Walking Man
    Age: unknown

    Personality: Walks a lot.

    Background: No seriously, he walks a lot... That's about all that is known about this guy. Golly! He sure loves walking!

    Other: he uses the 'step' method for walking.
  • Karryon Monks
    Age: varies

    Personality: Basically these guys are puppets who do whatever they're told. And they look remarkably like Muppets. Puppet Muppets. They have a very limited understanding of the English language due to lack of use, because they're constantly chanting.

    Background: varies

    Other: Voiced by: Shad Brooks (Sentrix)
  • Dr. Berfer Derfer
    Age: 48

    Personality: a friendly man, always willing to help the sick, gets grossed out easily though.

    Background: Considered highly educated for his time, unfortunately that still doesn't account for much in his profession, as he always recommends "Leeches" as a cure for most thing.

    Other: ... leeches.
  • Alfie the Salesman
    Age: 33

    Personality: A pompous high class snobbish merchant, with an edge of thick stupidity that all Karryon citizens seem to posses.

    Background: Born and raised in Karryon.

    Other: He's got a strange fondness for his disabled horse buck-buck
  • the Town Crier
    Age: 30

    Personality: Known to twitch occasionally.

    Background: He was once the most efficient messenger under direct command of the King of Karryon. Now he's constantly on the verge of death, but never quite dead yet.

Peggy Dimp

Age: 38

Personality: Always unrealistically optimistic to the point of it being quite creepy. Almost inhuman really. Peggy is always cleaning, cooking, giving advice in the form of cheesy metaphors or singing. or ALL of the above.

Background: Married young to Steve Mittenhands, got pregnant, Steve died, so Peggy turned to alcohol. After giving birth to Larry, she remarried and overcame the addiction.

Other: Bi-Polar?